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Sentence Structure for FICTION
On Basic Sentence Structure for Fiction
(Grammar Nazis BEWARE!)
Everything I ever learned about writing Fiction DIDN'T come from school; not even college. In fact, the way one writes fiction is almost the complete opposite of everything I learned in school about writing.
In order to make my stories crystal clear in my readers' imaginations, I write in precise Chronological Order, in the order events actually happen, PLUS in the order that the eye sees it.
Case in point, when describing a character, I describe them from top to bottom, in the order that the eye notices them. Face, hair, upper body, arms, hands, then lower body, legs, feet, then over all impression.
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 467 171
Clarifying an Issue with Stock Resources
There appears to be a fair amount of misunderstanding on the subject of stock resources so what I would like to do today is attempt to clarify several issues which are of importance to the artists who generously provide stock resources to the public for use and hopefully dispel the confusion and misinformation which is beginning to circulate.
The first issue at hand is in regards to your personal stock terms

Your Personal Stock Terms
Officially deviantART maintains only one "automatic" restriction and that is "No Commercial Use" and that particular restriction can easily be overridden by the actual stock provider.
As far as official policy is concerned each stock resource provider is free to attach any Terms of Use, restrictions or requirements that they see fit and our moderation staff will do the best we can to help you enforce your rules when you need that sort of assistance.
We only ask a few things from you in return;
:iconrealitysquared:realitysquared 112 195
The Top Reasons for Manuscript Rejection
One of the things that the literary agency I work for does some weekends out of the year is teach seminars on query writing and the first 5 pages of manuscripts (which, basically just means the first page of the manuscript). The seminars last only a day or two, but aim to help writers improve their queries and start of their books so that they have a better chance of standing out in the ever-growing slush pile. Since I know many members of the literature community here aim to one day be published writers, I thought I would share our sheet of the top reasons for manuscript rejections. Please note: These are in no particular order.
Wrong genre :pointr: Agents have guidelines for specific genres that they like to represent. Just like you and me, they have certain genres they love and certain genres they don't. Sometimes, it's not because of personal preference, but because they don't know the market for some books as well as other agents who are very passionate about
:icondorianharper:DorianHarper 384 192
Basic Plotting
A plot is the pattern a story follows, the most common being:
-- Beginning
-- Middle
-- End
All successful (read: popular) stories have patterns. Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it's complex, but all of the stories read or told often enough to remain in the popular mind of any culture have a pattern, a plot.
Here are some examples of simple plot patterns…
• He came.
• He saw.
• He conquered.
American Dream Version:
• He came.
• He conquered.
• He became very rich.  
The Heroic version:
• He conquered.
• He became the leader of his people.
• He died in the middle of a glorious battle to defend his land, and became a legendary figure that would never be forgotten.
Erotic Version:
• He saw.
• He conquered.
• He came.
Aristotle's Elements of a Greek Tragedy - simplified:
• Act One: He rose to glory.
• Act Two:
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 750 85
5 Tips for Better-Looking Pack Deviations
5 Tips for Better-Looking Pack Deviations
Hello! I'm Pwassonne, and today I'll be writing about pack deviations. Packs are the easiest way to distribute multiple files in one deviation. They consist of an archive file (often ZIP) with several images or other files in it. Packs are often used to distribute stock images, such as brushes and textures, as well as wallpapers and emoticons. They can also be used to post tutorials if said tutorials don't fit in a single file or if resources are included. Since packs make it possible to include several files in a single deviation, they are also great for selling Premium Content.

Whether you're selling a pack of files as Premium Content or distributing it for free, you will probably want it to look good, so that people want to download it, and you will also want to make it practical and easy to use, so that people who download it find it useful. How do you do this? Here are five simple tips to get your pack dev
:iconpwassonne:pwassonne 33 11
Journal Skins for Dummies Part 1 by SimplySilent Journal Skins for Dummies Part 1 :iconsimplysilent:SimplySilent 1,702 240 Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3 by jeinu Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3 :iconjeinu:jeinu 10,636 281 How To Sink A Map by torstan How To Sink A Map :icontorstan:torstan 87 7 Making Ghosts (tutorial) by zummerfish Making Ghosts (tutorial) :iconzummerfish:zummerfish 2,213 184 Broken Glass Tutorial by AbbeyMarie Broken Glass Tutorial :iconabbeymarie:AbbeyMarie 3,110 169 How to make circle in SAI by Keichan411 How to make circle in SAI :iconkeichan411:Keichan411 4,598 446 Tutorial: 50x50 pixel doll step by step by pyrogoth Tutorial: 50x50 pixel doll step by step :iconpyrogoth:pyrogoth 1,284 41
Why you feature stolen work?!?!
Lately there seem to have been a few myths flying around in particular with regards to how we as Community Volunteers, give Daily Deviations. Many people seem to think that we sit at our desks in dark little rooms and let out evil laughter whilst we purposefully feature stolen work. The dark rooms and laughter - well I can't say yes or no on that one! But I can promise you it's not our intent to give exposure to people who have stolen work. I recently featured a piece of work that turned out to be stolen. However I went into extensive conversations with the artist before I featured it, and with added metadata and dates, it's difficult to know where to draw the line. I've given people the benefit of the doubt before - and it's worked out nicely as their work has been legitimate. Below are some comments I have seen being thrown around the past few days - and hopefully an attempt to bust the myth.
"I thought at least that you people would check to make sure the work was the
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 110 389
Scrapping Tutorial by Astrikos Scrapping Tutorial :iconastrikos:Astrikos 10 14 Secret dAmn Tips by electricjonny Secret dAmn Tips :iconelectricjonny:electricjonny 202 77
CSS Did You Know? - October 3rd, 2012
:iconbradleysays:bradleysays 133 74



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[ Developing Character ]


[ Developing Character ]

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idexs - Jay Urma/Villamor
expcricncc - Joe Dide/Wang
engineeringmelodies - Oliver Phillips

staticperception - AU Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu

Heya, I know it's been a while. Depending on where you're reading this, it's been about eight months since I last logged on, or I had just logged back on last month. Regardless of where you're reading this, the fact is that I am back from an unannounced hiatus.

Now I know that there are people who want to know why I went, what's become of me since then. I was a part of some things, after all.

This will get personal, because I need it, and because people deserve it.

I went because I felt like an utter failure. I wasn't doing as well as I wanted, and I couldn't bring myself to log on or work on anything.

I realized how much value I placed on me doing better than anyone else, how I used to think me doing things right every time was the way it was meant to be. I thought of others less as people to bond and to grow with, and more as people to impress, people to respect and admire me. I used to think all I needed was approval, all I wanted was to be above others.

But when I decided I wasn't good enough and isolated myself, I realized just how lonely I really felt.

At first, I thought I was doomed to this. That I'd always keep closing myself off, too scared to look fragile and weak. Too scared I won't appear as lovable, that I'd remain secretly bitter that I wasn't doing as well as I thought I should. I thought I would stay lonely, because I couldn't find it in me to make a connection with others, that when I I did all of the anger, the hurt, the heaviness and the hollowness would finally show.

As time went on however I thought a lot about it all. I thought about self-centered I truly was. At first it was scary; I thought that I wasn't believing in myself if I was thinking these things. But then I realized how incredibly unhappy it made me feel, setting unrealistic standards for myself, seeing things how they related to me and me alone. I learned more about my ADHD and how it affected me. Until then it was something I was simply aware of. Now it was something I wanted and needed an understanding of. I learned how significant it is to how I experience the world. I became more aware of what I needed help with, what I had to actively cope with, what I had to accept as a huge part of who I am.

I realized that people did care about other people who were imperfect. I realized that I was okay, happier with progress more than I was with perfection. I want to grow, because I realized I find so much joy in it, in pushing my limits in a steady, healthy way, in discovering, in learning everything I can. I realized I had to allow myself that.

I'm pretty screwed up, but I've always been. I'm learning to accept that, that it's part of who I am, that I'm not a ruined human being. I'm coming to terms with not being perfect, something I used to consider myself as. Now I'm trying to start over, trying to not let my self-importance get the best of me in what I do. I don't want it to get in my way anymore.

As for now, I don't have anything specific planned, but I have several ideas, things I'm considering. If I decide on anything, you'll know. I hope to return to mainstream schooling this year, so I could actually become less active, but I'll try to be active at all.

That's all I can say for now, I suppose.

Cross-posted on my tumblr.

PKMN Steam

The Supernatural Steampunk Pokéanthro Group PKMN-Steam is open for member recommendations!

Join our wonderful community. :dummy: Hop on the brass ship and sail to the Isle of Steam! :la:

★ Related Journals:

:bulletorange: Rules :bulletorange: FAQ
:bulletorange: Introduction :bulletorange: Character Creation

❣ Testimonials From Members ❣

Testimonial from yours truly.

"This group is now open and you guys should totally join cause it's awesome and the people in the group is great.

It's a pokemon anthro steampunk type of group, the characters are just jerks and insane wonderful and great characters to RP.

I really suggest you try these group out, you won't be disappointed /w\ plus I would be SUPER HAPPY if some of you guys joined"
- Hizakuru

"What you can do in Steam: RP, draw steampunk goodness, the memes, and attend events."

"But the events + the plotline of this group (if it even has one, idek) are pretty great."

"Another pro is that everyone there is hella rad B) Gotta love them man XOXO. (also i would ramble more but na.....I'm think you can check the group out for yourselves)"
- RosieSakura

"This group is amazing tbh. The setting is great, the characters are incredibly diverse and very fun and interesting to interact with, the events are just amazing and the members are some of the nicest people on the internet like omg they're perf~" - Chai-Leaf

"Joining this group has given me a chance to meet some really amazing, and talented people, who have inspired me and my works, both in literature, and in drawing. It gives me alot of incentive to become better as an artist; they have shown me their own depiction of the world we live in together, with startling beauty and detail; and it also made me feel like I was part of something, even a little. Because on the island of Steam, I feel at home :heart: I want you guys to experience it too c: With all of us!" - Drydell-da-Vinci

Seriously, go check it out. Great place, great people, great characters!

It's a wonderful place and with a lot of fun and the Steampunk-theme is just amazing!
- fluwe


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